023 - Mike Davis

Mike talks about his many events involving Burlesque of North America, Cool Jerk, and his DJ work. Topics include Dre Day, Cinco De Mayhem, and WORLD (craft) FAIR.

Show Notes & Links

Paint Louis

Life Sucks Die

Burlesque of NA  

Gangsta Rap Coloring Book  

CO Exhibitions 

Public Functionary

Cinco de Mayhem

Wes "Wzz Wnshp" Winship

Dre Day

WORLD (craft) FAIR

Triple Double night at The Triple Rock Social Club

“The Hump” 

Cool Jerk

Music in this episode is by Mike 2600

Intro: True Detective Theme (8-Bit) 

Outro and “Mike 2600” clip from here

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022: Rio Saito

Rio Saito is Program Manager at the Japan America Society of Minnesota (JASM). She is also a professor at MCAD and assists with events there in addition to her work with JASM. We talk about Rio’s background in the arts, the many local events highlighting Japanese culture, and one distinctly Japanese tradition that she would like to introduce to the Twin Cities (hint: it involves drinking sake).

Show Notes & Links

MCAD Faculty - Rio Saito

Japan America Society of Minnesota (JASM)

Anime Detour

Schoolgirls & Mobile Suits


Novala Takemoto

Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival at Como Conservatory

St. Paul-Nagasaki Sister City


Moko Cakes

Tokyo TDC


Outro music in this episode is "Noto no kotoby robwalkerpoet. The short melodies are train chimes from JR West Osaka Loop and a Shinkansen announcement from Sound of Station.

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021: Hayley Matthews-Jones

Hayley is the Special Event Coordinator at Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. We talk about the importance of creativity in events and different approaches to planning that emphasize more structure and order, or creative experimentation.

Show Notes & Links

University of the Arts London

The Royal College of Anaesthetists

Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

Trek America

American Refugee Committee

Girl Scouts


Music in this week’s episode is The Misfits - I Turned Into A Martian (Actual Rafiq 8-bit chiptune cover)

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020: Don Ball

Don Ball, co-founder of CoCo, talks about using a variety of events (including Jump! School) as a marketing tool to bring people in and make them aware of their coworking spaces.

Show Notes & Links


Kyle Coolbroth - Our Cultural Identity Crisis

Phil Wilson - Minnov8

Mykl Roventine

Jump! School

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Mykl Roventine has run or co-founded many events including Ignite Minneapolis, Social Media Breakfast, and the MN Blogger Conference. We discuss the benefits of taking over an existing even, when to begin charging for a free event, and why the Twin Cities are such a great community for trying new things.

Show Notes & Links

Social Media Breakfast

Rick Mahn

Missy Berggren

Meg Knodl

Alena Finsky

514 Studios

St. Kate's



Ignite Minneapolis (episode 7)

MIMA Summit

Don Ball

The Local

Patrick Kuntz

"When good people pick bad fonts"

"Don't stop believin'--karaoke tips for anyone"

Tech Karaoke

Otter's Saloon

MN Blogger Conference

Jen Jamar

Arik Hanson

Prestige Conference

Amanda Costello, MinneWebCon (episode 15)

Mykl Roventine

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018: How to Approach Galleries

Excerpts from a panel discussion on “How to Approach Galleries.” I discuss the application and jury selection process for our Craftstravaganza and Craft’za art shows, plus some behind-the-scenes stories and insider advice for aspiring crafters.

Show Notes & Links



Tricia Khutoretsky

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017: Beth Beutell

Beth is Senior Manager of Events at Capella University. She talks about the challenges of hybrid events, security needs of meetings for a large publicly-traded company, and what motivates her to continue planning corporate events.

Show Notes & Links

Carmen Sandiego by Rockapella: TV edit - YouTube

Capella University

MPI (Meeting Professionals International)

Why Apple's Live Stream Was So Bad During The iPhone 6 Launch 

Beth is on LinkedIn


Music in this episode is No te hagas (Acapella) by Andres Franco

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016: Susan Campion

Susan is a co-founder of Giant Steps. She talks about how the event was started, their support from the creative community, and how they continue to run it on a volunteer basis. We also discuss why the skills that make a good hip-hop artist can make a great businessperson.

Show Notes & Links

High School for Recording Arts (aka Hip-Hop High)


Giant Steps: website | Facebook

Music in this episode is Por que by by El Klan de los DeDeTe

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015: Amanda Costello

Amanda is the Director of MinneWebCon, an annual two-day conference on the University of Minnesota campus. We talk about how she got that job, how she got her start as a public speaker through MinneWebCon, and how they encourage the participation of women speakers and attendees.

Show Notes & Links


Twitter: @MinneWebCon

Music in this episode is "12 05 13 Golias" by LestatV3

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014: Tricia Khutoretsky

Tricia is the Director/Curator at Public Functionary, a contemporary art exhibition and social space in Northeast Minneapolis. We discuss how the gallery was funded through Kickstarter, their mission to de-mystify artwork, and her long-term plans for the community.

Show Notes & Links

Public Functionary

Power to the Public

Public Functionary: A Responsive Art Space (Kickstarter campaign)



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