005: Lacey Prpic Hedtke

Lacey talks about the similarities between zine makers and zine fest organizers, the benefits of doing a show for a decade, and we answer the age-old question: does taking charge and telling people what to do make you bossy, or a leader? We also talk about quitting!

Show Notes & Links

Lacey Prpic-Hedtke

Twin Cities Zine Fest

SSCA (Stevens Square Center for the Arts)

Gerald Prokop

Red Hot Art

Sarah Morean

Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Belfry Center

MN State Arts Board

Joshua Ploeg, the touring vegan chef

Austin Zine Fest

Minneapolis Indie Xpo (MIX)

MCTC Zine Library

Modern Times Cafe


Flyaway Zine Mobile

Music in this episode is Makeout Revolution by Bla Bla Blacksheep

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004: Cat Rocketship

Cat and I talk about impulsive decision-making, being in the public eye, how Dungeons & Dragons inspires her creative work, and getting other people to run craft fairs so that she doesn’t have to.

Show Notes & Links

Cat Rocketship - websitetwitter


Market Day Iowa


Spring Training

Hot Lady Band

Scott Kubie

Dani Ausen

Laura Palmer - Director of Making Friends


Pepper Potts

Review of Hot Lady Band’s show at House of Bricks “The second thing you need to know about [Hot Lady Band] is that they are horrible.”

Baldur's Gate

Music in this episode is Chiptune Sample by Raedon

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003: Levi Weinhagen

Levi and I talk about the benefits of going to college a little bit later in life, the nuts & bolts of planning a live performance, and how an improv background helps him not to freak out when something goes wrong.

Show Notes & Links

Levi Weinhagen

Comedy Suitcase

Joshua Scrimshaw

Brave New Workshop - Founded by Dudley Riggs in 1958, the Brave New Workshop is the longest running satirical theatre in the country specializing in political and social satire.

Minnesota Fringe

Louis C.K. tops $1 million in sales of $5 comedy special

Game of Thrones as a Seinfeld Sitcom - Episode #1

Pratfalls of Parenting - (here's the episode I'm on: episode 83)


Music in this episode is Chiptune Sample by Raedon

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002: Karoline Wells (The Elixery)

Formula Chemist Karoline Wells is the founder of The Elixery, an independent and sustainable cosmetic manufacturer out of Minneapolis. In this episode I spoke with Karoline about pop-up shops, fashion shows, and the future of the craft fair.

Show Notes & Links

The Elixery

Danielle Stellner

Voltage: Fashion Amplified

Dessa Lipstick

Crist Ballas- Master of Make-up


Cosmetic Candy pop-up store

MN Rollergirls

BUST Craftacular's Primped Fair

Art vs. Craft (2003-2013, R.I.P.)

Our Lab | The Elixery

Music in this episode is Chiptune Sample by Raedon

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