023 - Mike Davis

Mike talks about his many events involving Burlesque of North America, Cool Jerk, and his DJ work. Topics include Dre Day, Cinco De Mayhem, and WORLD (craft) FAIR.

Show Notes & Links

Paint Louis

Life Sucks Die

Burlesque of NA  

Gangsta Rap Coloring Book  

CO Exhibitions 

Public Functionary

Cinco de Mayhem

Wes "Wzz Wnshp" Winship

Dre Day

WORLD (craft) FAIR

Triple Double night at The Triple Rock Social Club

“The Hump” 

Cool Jerk

Music in this episode is by Mike 2600

Intro: True Detective Theme (8-Bit) 

Outro and “Mike 2600” clip from here

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022: Rio Saito

Rio Saito is Program Manager at the Japan America Society of Minnesota (JASM). She is also a professor at MCAD and assists with events there in addition to her work with JASM. We talk about Rio’s background in the arts, the many local events highlighting Japanese culture, and one distinctly Japanese tradition that she would like to introduce to the Twin Cities (hint: it involves drinking sake).

Show Notes & Links

MCAD Faculty - Rio Saito

Japan America Society of Minnesota (JASM)

Anime Detour

Schoolgirls & Mobile Suits


Novala Takemoto

Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival at Como Conservatory

St. Paul-Nagasaki Sister City


Moko Cakes

Tokyo TDC


Outro music in this episode is "Noto no kotoby robwalkerpoet. The short melodies are train chimes from JR West Osaka Loop and a Shinkansen announcement from Sound of Station.

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021: Hayley Matthews-Jones

Hayley is the Special Event Coordinator at Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. We talk about the importance of creativity in events and different approaches to planning that emphasize more structure and order, or creative experimentation.

Show Notes & Links

University of the Arts London

The Royal College of Anaesthetists

Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

Trek America

American Refugee Committee

Girl Scouts


Music in this week’s episode is The Misfits - I Turned Into A Martian (Actual Rafiq 8-bit chiptune cover)

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