033 - Vilay Dethluxay

Vilay Dethluxay has been producing events for pretty much her whole life, and her resume includes work for CoCo, Playboy, and Vita.mn's 2011 Annual "Hotness" Party. We talk about her history and recent work with Sound Unseen, Cult Collective, and Pollen.

Find out what inspires Vilay to continue working as a sought-after event designer and cultural curator, and what has brought her back to the Twin Cities after working in glamorous markets like New York and LA.

Jamie Millard

Meghan Murphy 

Episode 14: Tricia Khutoretsky


Black Hearts Ball

Work Redux - Entrepreneurship (April 27 @ Turf Club) 

Lucy & Co. 

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032 - Victoria Earhart: Friends School Plant Sale

Victoria is a long-time volunteer with the Friends School Plant Sale. She has had a lot of roles with the event, and is currently on the buying committee and general oversight committee. We talk about how the sale has grown, how you sustain a totally volunteer-run event of this magnitude, and how you fall in love with an event.

Friends School Plant Sale

music in this episode: "Let's Be Friends" by Ben K Adams

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031 - Patrick Kuntz: Ignite Minneapolis

Patrick is the Founder and Executive Director of Ignite Minneapolis, a “a high-energy evening of 5-minute talks by people who have a burning idea—and the guts to get onstage and share it with their hometown crowd.”

We talk about the history of Ignite, the unique talk format, and how Patrick got the ball rolling in Minneapolis and continues to develop the event here. We also talk about what’s coming up in the future (two events in the next two months!) and why Patrick believes Ignite is so important for local leaders.

Pecha Kucha

Lars Leafblad 

Episode 19: Mykl Roventine 

Episode 7: Live at Ignite 7 


Chris Menning: Internet Memes vs. Flash-in-the-Pan Microtrends

Bush Connect

Ignite Minneapolis: @ignitempls on Twitter & Facebook; watch talks on YouTube 

music in this episode: booster.ignite by by Floating Isle

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