044 - Erik Westra: Solo Team

Erik Westra talks about Solo Team and the 1099-MISCletoe Bash - A Holiday Party for the Self-Employed.* We discuss why many good ideas start as jokes, the importance of setting clear expectations, and the difference between networking and connecting.

*NOTE: this event was canceled after we recorded the episode. They are planning to return next year and promise it will be awesome. So just take everything Erik says in our interview and apply it to 2017.

Music in this episode is Chiptune by THE MELCHIADES ESTRADA BAND


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043 - Charles Youel: ARTCRANK

Charles is the founder of bike poster festival ARTCRANK. He talks about building up the show into an international event, traveling a whole lot, then scaling down to focus on projects they are passionate about (like their newly launched website). We also discuss defining success on your own terms. What’s your definition of success?

Show Notes & Links

ARTCRANK: website, twitter, instagram

Music in this episode is Teleporter

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042 - Ben Geffen: Walker Art Center

Ben is the Associate Director of Event Production at the Walker Art Center. His team does “all the work that supports the art at the Walker.” Ben tells how he approached his career as a practical learner and how his job and passion eventually merged together. We also discuss the logistics of larger events like Rock the Garden and the Internet Cat Video Festival.

Show Notes & Links

Sarah Michelson

Music in this episode is Take Me Now! by Nick Chapman

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041 - Mike Kempenich: Gentleman Forager

Mike Kempenich talks about how his interest in hunting for wild food developed at a young age and his history as a commercial cultivator. As “Gentleman Forager” Mike hosts weekend getaway events that combine camping & foraging with incredible meals prepared by local chefs and live music from the best new artists in Minneapolis.

The next event is Shroomapalooza on September 25-27.

Show Notes & Links

Episode 11: Darren Ennis

Chester Bay

Rob Wheeler

River Market Co-op in Stillwater

Sameh Wadi

Kyle Gage

Gentleman Forager on Facebook

Music in this episode is Mushroom Boy by Qurtis

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040 - Kalsey Beach: Do Good Events

Kalsey is President of Do Good Events, a boutique event management company. She walks through the process of planning events with a client and bringing their visions to life, and we discuss the difference between introverts and extraverts in the event world.

Music in this episode is Skyhawk Beach by Blue Wave Theory 

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039 - David Christie: Target Field

David Christie is Director of Events at Target Field.

We discuss the huge variety of non-game-day events held at the venue (including the best one, the MN Monthly Food & Wine Experience), how modern sporting facilities are structured to double as event destinations, and what goes into planning a Twins baseball game... including the MLB All-Star Game they hosted in 2014.

David also talks about how he got the job and gives advice on how to get started if you want a career in the sports industry.

Show Notes & Links

Target Field Events

Music in this episode is “Troll Baseball” by Fanny Roger 

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038 - Maude Lovelle: Uptown Art Fair

Maude Lovelle is Executive Director at the Uptown Foundation and CEO of Uptown Art Fair, one of the top ten juried festivals in the country. We discuss the history of the event, how they continue to improve and grow while maintaining the quality and diversity of artists, and what’s new in 2015.

This year’s event is August 7-9.

Show Notes & Links

Uptown Art Fair

Music in this episode is “Hot Summer Ukelele" by Akashic Records

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037 - Mike Frigon: Midwest Comic Book Association

Mike is a lead volunteer at the Midwest Comic Book Association (MCBA), a volunteer organization that hosts the long-running spring MSP ComiCon & Fall ComiCon. We discuss the history of their events and how they have changed over the years, plus one thing that hasn’t changed: their focus on keeping artists at the forefront of the show and treating all creators equally.

Full disclosure: I was once an exhibitor at their spring event and am currently a huge nerd who loves comics and comic artists.

Show Notes & Links:

MCBA website

Music in this episode is Super Powers by Grégoire Lourme 

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Jenny King is the festival director of Autoptic, a two-day festival of independent culture featuring comics, music, zines, prints, and art. 

We discuss the challenges of her role as a spreadshet-loving organizer on a board full of creatives, Jenny justifies the existence of the event, and we geek out about why comic conventions in general and Autoptic in particular are just so darn great.

The next Autoptic is August 8-9, 2015.

Show Notes & Links

MIX - the Minneapolis Indie Xpo

Tom K (Uncivilized Books)

Raighne Hogan (2D Cloud)

Bart King

Robert Algeo (in absentia press)

Evan Palmer

Music in this episode is DIY by Wilson's Head

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Jeff is the Race Director for Twin Cities in Motion, an organization that manages many local races including the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. We discuss how Jeff started his career as a race director, the logistics of planning a new race, and his memories of working at the New York City Marathon.

Show Notes & Links

New York Road Runners

Twin Cities in Motion

Jeff Decker

Music in this episode is "Running" by Lada Laika

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