024 - Ale Pelinka

Ale is Executive Director of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA). We met at her offices in the California Building to discuss NEMAA’s art events, the future of Northeast, and a brand-new event starting this month! FUN FACT: 2015 is the 20th year of Art-a-Whirl.

Show Notes & Links

NEMAA (Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association)

MN State Arts Board 

Free Arts MN  

Intermedia Arts 

Burnsville Performing Arts Center (now the Ames Center)  

Burnsville Visual Arts Society (Art Fete)



Music: Hip-Hop Lunaire

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023 - Mike Davis

Mike talks about his many events involving Burlesque of North America, Cool Jerk, and his DJ work. Topics include Dre Day, Cinco De Mayhem, and WORLD (craft) FAIR.

Show Notes & Links

Paint Louis

Life Sucks Die

Burlesque of NA  

Gangsta Rap Coloring Book  

CO Exhibitions 

Public Functionary

Cinco de Mayhem

Wes "Wzz Wnshp" Winship

Dre Day

WORLD (craft) FAIR

Triple Double night at The Triple Rock Social Club

“The Hump” 

Cool Jerk

Music in this episode is by Mike 2600

Intro: True Detective Theme (8-Bit) 

Outro and “Mike 2600” clip from here

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011: Darren Ennis

Darren talks about his numerous past events including Magic 8-Ball, Pink Carpet, and the Really Really Blonde Party. We also spend some time discussing how he operates The Sample Room in NE Minneapolis, and how managing a restaurant compares to putting on a show. Plus we answer once and for all the question of whether great event planners are born or made.

Show Notes & Links

Night of the Penguin

The Sample Room

Sheba Productions

Moods of Norway

Really Really Blonde Party

Lola Red PR

Pink Carpet

Zach Sussman

Anthony Bourdain

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This episode features live interviews at Ignite Minneapolis with a random attendee (Nicole Klein), former speaker (Micah Vono) and Mary Hirsch, a returning speaker who gave her second talk that night. We spoke about the impact of Ignite, what it's like to prepare and deliver an Ignite talk, and how changing your underwear might just change your life.

Ignite Minneapolis

Ignite Talks discussed in the podcast:

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