003: Levi Weinhagen

Levi and I talk about the benefits of going to college a little bit later in life, the nuts & bolts of planning a live performance, and how an improv background helps him not to freak out when something goes wrong.

Show Notes & Links

Levi Weinhagen

Comedy Suitcase

Joshua Scrimshaw

Brave New Workshop - Founded by Dudley Riggs in 1958, the Brave New Workshop is the longest running satirical theatre in the country specializing in political and social satire.

Minnesota Fringe

Louis C.K. tops $1 million in sales of $5 comedy special

Game of Thrones as a Seinfeld Sitcom - Episode #1

Pratfalls of Parenting - (here's the episode I'm on: episode 83)


Music in this episode is Chiptune Sample by Raedon

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002: Karoline Wells (The Elixery)

Formula Chemist Karoline Wells is the founder of The Elixery, an independent and sustainable cosmetic manufacturer out of Minneapolis. In this episode I spoke with Karoline about pop-up shops, fashion shows, and the future of the craft fair.

Show Notes & Links

The Elixery

Danielle Stellner

Voltage: Fashion Amplified

Dessa Lipstick

Crist Ballas- Master of Make-up


Cosmetic Candy pop-up store

MN Rollergirls

BUST Craftacular's Primped Fair

Art vs. Craft (2003-2013, R.I.P.)

Our Lab | The Elixery

Music in this episode is Chiptune Sample by Raedon

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001: Adam Turman

Adam Turman talks about how he became established as an artist, learning by doing, and answers the question... what's more work: planning a gallery show or a garage sale?

Show Notes & Links

Adam Turman

D. Witt (DWITT)

Gig Posters

The band X

Leslie Plesser

Chank Diesel

Jawsh Lemke

Music in this episode is Chiptune Sample by Raedon

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